The mediation of estate and trust litigation has become one of the most important tools available to fiduciaries and beneficiaries to resolve their cases before a large portion of the value of the estate or trust is consumed by attorneys through the costs of litigation. Depositions, document productions, and court hearings are expensive. Through mediation, the clients of the respective attorneys involved in a dispute can place themselves in a position of control by having an opportunity to resolve the dispute before the attorney’s fees and costs grow even larger. In the opening portion of the mediation, as a mediator, I refer to that opportunity as “self determination.” The opportunity to take control of the case, the expenses, and the outcome and place it in the hands of the client.

I have been Florida Supreme Court certified Circuit Court Mediator for over ten years. My objective in mediating cases is to bring my two decades of experience as a trusts and estates attorney and a trust officer to the mediation process with the hope of having the clients seize and consider a meaningful opportunity to settle their case, rather than continue to bear the expense associated with litigation. For this work, I offer a reduced hourly rate and a limited additional charge for travel only when it extends beyond the Tampa Bay area.